The Word Of Fred (thewordoffred) wrote in booksreadin2007,
The Word Of Fred

TheWordOfFred's Book List for 2007

Books I have read in 2007

The Facts of Life by Graham Joyce
Monster Nation by David Wellington
Three Days To Never by Tim Powers
The Town That Forgot How To Breathe by Kenneth J. Harvey
Deliberate Intent: A Lawyer Tells The True Story Of Murder By The Book by Rod Smolla
Mr. Monk Goes To The Firehouse by Lee Goldberg

Gateway by Frederik Pohl
Biology For Beginners by Wilson McCord Jr.
The Ruins by Scott Smith
The Legacy Of Heorot by Larry Niven, Jerry Pournelle and Steven Barnes
Coraline by Neil Gaiman
BloodAngel by Justine Musk
Mankind - Have A Nice Day by Mick Foley
Case And The Dreamer And Other Stories by Theodore Sturgeon
The Anxiety Of Everyday Objects by Aurelie Sheehan
Footsteps of Thunder by James F. David
The Fourth Bear by Jasper Fforde
The Beast House by Richard Laymon

Knees Up Mother Earth by Robert Rankin
Ghoul by Brian Keene
Carved In Blood by Jefferson Bass
Heart Shaped Box by Joe Hill
Ticktock by Dean Koontz (In Progress)
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